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Sew-On Patches for Military and Police - Pricing FAQ

Some Military and Law Enforcement personnel have asked us why do we charge so much to sew on patches for their uniforms.

Well, it should be noted that Military bases and Law Enforcement departments have their own dedicated seamstress and sewing machines just to sew on patches to their uniforms.
This is because the military and law enforcement have many different patches that indicate rank and type of service the officer serves under.

Moreover, as military and law enforcement officers move up in rank, a different patch on their uniforms is also required.

Additionally, repairs of the aforementioned uniforms are also priced on high volume production.

Then, when you add the number of uniforms for each officer or military personnel has to wear on a weekly/monthly basis, you are talking about a lot of patches to sew on.

Likewise, Military bases (e.g. posts) can charge only $2.00 dollars to sew on patches due to quantities of scale. Law Enforcement can also use prison labor to also sew on these patches for free.

However, as a dry cleaner and laundry, we don't get the volume as a military base to sew on patches or can dedicate several sewing machines just to sew on patches.

We get far more types of garments with many types of requirements and threads; hence, things like searching, matching and changing the thread type are included in our price for sew-on patches.

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