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When go into your local dry cleaning store you drop off your clothes and a few days later, you return to pick up your clothes.  But, do you ever wonder what happened to your clothes while they were at the dry cleaning shop? Do you know what dry cleaning is and how it works?


In spite of the name, dry cleaning is not completely dry. Fluids are used in the dry cleaning process. In the 1930s, perchlorethylene or *perc*(a nonflammable, synthetic, chlorinated based solvent) was introduced and is used today in many dry cleaning plants. Other cleaning solvents such as Green Earth (silicone based solvent), Hydrocarbon (petroleum based solvent), Rynex (Glycol Ethers), and Liquid Carbon Dioxide have been added, and still others are currently being tested.

The dry cleaning process begins with the pre treatment of spots and stains using special cleaning agents.  The garments are then loaded in to a machine resembling an oversized front-loading washer.  It produces similar mechanical action to loosen embedded dirt and throughout the cleaning process, the solvent is filtered to ensure its purity.  The garments are then dried in the same machine and should have no solvent odor after cleaning.  After they come out of the machine your garments are hand finished on specialized presses to ensure that your clothes are returned in a “like new” condition.

NOTE:  Dry cleaning is not the answer to all soil and stain removal problems. Sometimes, stains become permanently embedded in the fiber, or fabrics cannot withstand normal cleaning and stain removal procedures, or decorative trim is not compatible with dry cleaning solvent. It is important that consumers as well as drycleaners read all care labels and follow the instructions.

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