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We can handle most repairs such as hems to pants, replacing zippers, altering waists, and taking up sleeves on coats.  More complex repairs and alterations such as tapering coats or re-weaving should be taken to a professional tailor.  The typical alteration/repair turnaround time is approximately three (3) to seven (7) days, unless a Rush Service is requested.

For Rush Service on Alterations, see Main Plant - New Orleans Store Details and CALL BEFORE HAND. The time of day, task difficulty and who is ahead of you matter if a rush service can be done.

Below is a list of the most requested items.  If there is something not listed, please feel free to call or e-mail us about your alteration.

Hem Pants

Hem Pants with cuffs

Alter Waist in Pants

Taper Pants

Replace Zippers

Sew Patches

Patch Holes

Replace Pockets in Pants

Alter Dress / Skirt Length

Sew / Replace Buttons or Snaps

Alter Pants to make to Shorts

Shorten / Lengthen Sleeves for Coats

Alter Long Sleeve Shirts
to make Short Sleeve Shirts

IMPORTANT ALTERATION NOTES (i.e. stuff for you to bring, or do):
Note: Only the Main Plant - New Orleans has a fitting room. (photo of fitting room)

Pants Hemming
– To get the accurate length for hemming pants, bring and wear the shoes that will go with the pants!  Stand on a stool or a table and have a friend pin the hem one (1) inch from the bottom of the heel.

Lady's Slacks Alterations – To get the accurate length for hemming slacks, please bring and wear the exact shoes that you plan to wear with the slacks. This is important!

Altering Sleeve Length – Place the coat or shirt on and place your arms at the side of your body.  Have a friend place a pin at the break (bottom of where your wrist bends) of your wrist.

Dress Alterations – To get the accurate length for hemming dresses, please bring and wear the exact shoes that you plan to wear with the dress. This is important! Note: Only the Main Plant - New Orleans has a fitting room. The dress seamstress (as opposed to the regular seamstess) is usually available from Tues - Fri, 9:30am to 4:30pm. Best to also call ahead to make sure she, or the regular seamstress, is there for an accurate fitting and measurement to be taken.

Some dresses and lady's suits that are form fitting (strapless or body fitting) from top to bottom, as opposed to parts of the dress hanging with shoulder straps or free flowing skirt, generally require several fittings and adjustments. Customers must wear the exact same shoes and undergarments for each fitting. Hence, this requires a lot more time of our staff and seamstress and will cost significanly more. That is, at least four (4) times more, e.g $45 typical aleration cost times 4 = $180.00 plus tax. You should plan on getting your dress to us at least 3-4 weeks ahead of time and also plan on returning several times for fittings and additional adjustments.

Lastly, these types of form fitting garments must be Pre-Paid before any work is done and the payment type is CASH ONLY; Check or Credit Card will not be accepted for this type of work.

Many people do not know that there is difference between a seamstress and a tailor in regards to expertise and skill level. While it is generally thought of that a seamstress is a woman and a tailor is a man, a seamstress does simple stuff, e.g pant hems and waist adjustment, add/replace buttons, sew rips, zipper replacement, simple tapering and simple sleeve adjustment. In contrast, a tailor does more complex work on men's suit coats, like tapering, sleeve adjustment with buttons, and custom coat fitting(alterations) as a men's suit coat has an inner fabric lining that makes the work significantly more difficult.

Aside, a dress maker, typically a female, makes women's dresses many times from scratch. Dress making is time consuming and requires a lot of expertise. Some tailors can also make a men's suit from scratch, which of course, is also a time consuming process and requires a lot of expertise and skill.

If you have very expensive garments, e.g. $700 suits and upwards to $2000 and $8000 suits and beyond, and the work on a men's suit coat or expensive lady's dress is not simple work like sewing on a missing button or resewing something that came unravelled, you should search for a good tailor as Cleanerama, Inc. does not currently employ any tailors or dress makers.

Cleanerama Inc. only has the skill level and expertise of a seamstress and not that of a tailor or dress maker, both of which are much higher in expertise and skill level than a seamstress.

Please click here for important Sew-On Military and Law Enforcment Pricing FAQ.


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